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The Full Story


Casa Sanctum is a luxury design studio creating unique works to elevate everyday life and set an atmosphere of grounding and connection with our natural environment. Our products are curated by fine- artist, Dominika Zabczyk, who is behind all artworks and graphics, making them stand out from the rest. 

Beautiful Nature


We care about our Planet, so we strive to preserve it as much as possible. We use only safe ingredients from known sources.

Casa Sanctum is proudly protecting the environment by using only non-toxic, vegan, recyclable, sustainably source materials, made in smaller quantities by hand, not machines.  

It took us over a year to develop our candles. We set up the most rigorous standards for our products and to meet them he had to test hundreds of different products to choose the best ones on the market. There are no regulations for candle industry, which means manufacturers can use any toxic ingredients they want, without putting any info or warning on the label. We carefully check every ingredient and consciously choose only those that are perfectly safe, just so you can just relax and enjoy our candles.

Our products are plant based from sustainable sources, no cancerogenic toxins or reproductive disruptors, zero animal cruelty.

They are safe for humans, pets and the environment.  


Sanctum means sacred space,

where you can feel safe, unwind, and be yourself. 

Our home is our sacred place. It is where we perform our daily rituals.

Where we laugh, love, cry, and learn. 


This is what Casa Sanctum is for us place where we grow, create, thrive, and are true to ourselves. 

Zen Garden


Casa Sanctum was born from love, inspired by nature, and made using all-natural, environmentally sustainable ingredients.


Inspired by textures and patterns in nature,

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